Velo Kicks Reviews


"Very happy with the shoes. Good fit and stiff, but not too stiff sole. Excellent communication and help with sizing and fast shipping to the US48."
Andrew M.
"Slippers from the gods. Been in giro empire for the last two years and the comfort level is identical at almost half the price. Loving these. "
Dean T.
Love at first site
"I have been eyeing these shoes for about 6 months. I had several questions and Nick was very quick on answering them all very honesty. Quality is as nice as it gets....I needed some volume up front and these shoes ticked all my boxes. I hope to order some customs next. Shipping to New Hampshire USA took 3 days....Light Speed. Thanks"
Robert M.
Awesome shoes
"I bought these for the distinctive colourful design, which is just as good in person as it is in photos. Always draws compliments. They are actually very good quality shoes too though - I must admit I was expecting them to be more style than function but they have surprised me. They are incredibly light, dual boa gets you a really nice snug fit, sole is super stiff. Upper is very breathable and comfortable but also good at keeping water out."
Amy T.
Better than Giro Empires
"Have loved lace ups ever since I moved to Giro Empires. Only I just accepted that there would be days where the Empire would hurt my feet. Thought I would try some Blancos as I likes how nondescript the upper design was (I hate the massive GIRO). Found that not only do they look incredible but I also have no more days of pain on the bike. Zero. Hard to explain how these are so much more comfortable but without a doubt they are the best I have ever owned. If you like Empires you will love these. Plus they are cheaper!"
All day comfort in race day packaging
"After almost several months and a few thousand km I have to say, these are everything that I'd hoped my Sub6 shoes would be, comfortable, ventilated and most importantly, obnoxiously bright they fit so well that I've basically given up wearing anything else at present when the sky's are clear ( we all have crusty rain shoes, right?). The fit is similar to the Sworks/Bont VapourS with more mid foot volume and a relaxed heal cup. The sole is a great balance between stiff and lively giving 0 hot spot issues using blue Specialized inserts."
"I've been trying to find the right shoe for a while now, and I've final done it. I've tried Shimano, Bont and Lake, and not that there's anything wrong with them, they just didn't suit me. I've found that Velokicks fit my feet perfectly by providing a larger upper, and the perfect size toe box; not too big, and not too small. Stiff sole and an overall comfortable shoe that will feel great even on the longest rides. I bought the Season 1 shoes, and am looking forward to Season 2! Great work."
More for less
"Simply put, my VCs are awesome. I've had issues with shoe fit in the past and struggled to find a brand that was comfortable and affordable. Enter Velokicks, with not only with a unique design, but with the functionality to back it up. The sole is stiff and comfortable (especially with a set of G8s) and its fastened to your foot with a set high quality boas. Unfortunately, I've stacked it around a corner and scratched the boas and side of one of my shoes however it was not a problem - the boas still work perfectly and the scratches are hardly noticeable in design. With the crazy price tags that are assigned to top-end shoes these days, VCs are amazingly competitive and that's before you factor in the design - with these you can achieve the elusive collaboration of 'fashion and function'."
Won't. Can't. Will not - ride without them!
"I clearly remember the day I put on my first pair of Blanco's. I I had just spent the last three days riding up some pretty steep mountains and I had two days of more significant climbing ahead of me. On this particular day I was about to head up Mt Buffalo, immediately followed by Falls Creek and I slipped on these shoes and for the next 24 hours the only thing that didn't hurt were my feet! I haven't worn any other shoes since and I really don't want to! These kicks breathe with your feet; they are stylish and perform well under pressure and in all types of weather (my second day in them I rode up a mountain in 43 degrees!). I have never had to adjust the laces and they have performed exceptionally well in races as well. It is just so nice to be able to put on cycling shoes that adjust to your feet & never make you feel restricted! Thanks VK :)"
Faz Zamani