Got a weakness for cycling shoes? So do we...


The VeloKicks Story

VeloKicks sprang into existence in late 2015 with the aim to unearth shoes that were different. Bold. Whether by paint pens or brands looking to step away from tradition, what we unearthed was a subculture of riders pushing design boundaries and fans dying to see them. Only what if you could not paint but still wanted some rad kicks of your own? 

It's that question which gave life to the VeloKicks brand and what our shoes are created to achieve. A unique point of difference. A shoe you won't see five more of in bunch ride. Seasonal designs will vary in how loud they shout, but our shoes will always be individual. That last boutique point of expression. We have a weakness for cycling shoes - we are betting you do too.

VeloKick Reviews

Found that not only do they look incredible but I also have no more days of pain on the bike. Zero. Hard to explain how these are so much more comfortable but without a doubt they are the best I have ever owned. If you like Empires you will love these. Plus they are cheaper!"


After almost several months and a few thousand km I have to say, these are everything that I'd hoped my Sub6 shoes would be, comfortable, ventilated and most importantly, obnoxiously bright they fit so well that I've basically given up wearing anything else at present


These kicks breathe with your feet; they are stylish and perform well under pressure and in all types of weather (my second day in them I rode up a mountain in 43 degrees!). I have never had to adjust the laces and they have performed exceptionally well in races as well.


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