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You said "we want a crisp, white kick", we delivered with the Blanco. You asked could we do it with dials, the Blanco dials were born. It was only after winter hit owners - fearful of getting their fresh kicks dirty - again emailed..."is there a chance of a black VK?". And with Run The Jewels telling us "black on black on black" we knew what we had to do. Season 4 could only be one thing: Blackout.


Only we didn't stop stylin' with the stealth finish, Blackout is the debut of our new upper design. Increased vamp and offset wire retention points are designed to help those riders who suffer from dorsal irritation to experience an even more comfortable - yet secure - fit. Instead of four lengths of wire running across the top of the top of the foot, it's cushioned upper keeping the foot snug and fixed within the kicks. This decreases potential pressure points while sacrificing nothing when it comes to full contact in the shoe to foot interface. The layout and design of the lower dial and wire system means that either sides are not 'pulled' in. This creates a more even tension distribution across the toebox, with the result a being less focal tightening (and potential pressure) and ultimately a bit more volume.

They might be kicks designed with winters in mind - but we promise you'll still be wearing Blackouts come summertime.


  • ATOP dual dials for extensive volume control
  • Carbon sole for optimal power transfer
  • Sliders for the cleats, allowing a greater range of fore/aft positioning 
  • Light weight: 255 grams for size 41, 285 grams for a size 45
  • Generous volume upper that accommodates all cycling orthoses
  • Replaceable outer sole heel pads, so you always have grip when walking around 
  • VeloKicks shoe bag, to keep your kicks comfy and protected when they're not on your feet
  • 3 hole drilling for road cycling
  • Synthetic leather material, no animals products are used in the construction of our kicks

Please refer here to our chart for sizing and comparison to other brands to work out what size best fits you. Our size range spans EU 38 - 47.



You may ask "why a pre-sale"? While we at VeloKicks feel we're pretty good at listening to what you want, we're not great at predicting how popular a size is going to be. Who knew that all our size 47 would sell out within weeks. Size 46 not far behind. But size 44...not so much? Pre-sale is helping VK customers ensure they don't miss out on their size in addition to ensuring our order is tailored a little better so others (who miss the pre-sale) still have a good chance of grabbing the kicks they need. We get more feedback, you get a killer price. Everyone wins.


The pre-sale however is for a limited time only - once the closed prices will revert back to original the regular Seasonal pricing. There are no exceptions. No "the dog ate my homework". Lead time to delivery will be roughly 10 weeks from the close of the pre-sale (with luck possibly even sooner) with pre-sale orders priority dispatched. Just in time for the fickle southern hemisphere spring and the early season northern hemisphere autumn showers.

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